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We’re Looking for Expert IT-Based Freelancers in India

With the advent of the latest technology and services, IT solutions now touch every walk of your life. At such a tech-driven juncture, Kalkey has emerged as one of the leading IT-based freelancing platforms or marketplace in India, and for some good reasons. We offer a wide range of IT services as per your unique business demands and requirements professionally.

 Take the Owenership

 With the rise in digital nomad culture, more and more people are becoming their own bosses. You don’t need to have a billion-dollar idea and trillion-dollar funding to do that; all you need is the right skillet. A freelancing opportunity will help you find and do the rest. The freelancing industry is so robust that it is expected that freelancers will comprise about 50 percent of India’s workforce by 2022.

If you have a skill, chances are, you are more likely to survive and thrive better on your own than working under someone. But you don’t just need to possess the right skill set; you also need to have a good profile to back you up. In fact, landing a freelance IT gig has become tougher today than it was a mere three years ago.

Start Quickly

Get a hassle-free and easy process to land up with the high-value project. We are looking for some dedicated freelancers in India with expertise in Cloud Service, DevOps, Data Science, and many others.

Freelancing in India is no longer a part-time job, but it has become the preferred choice for professionals in different fields. The advantages of being a freelancer lure millennials and Gen Y to drain the 9-to-5 job and work as freelancers.

Schedule Flexibility​

Working at flexible hours, you all need to find your work independently as a freelancer. However, with the rising trend in digitalization and the increasing reputation of the freelancer ‘gig’ economy, finding authentic and high-paying projects has become a challenge for freelancers. The dilemma is even greater for start-ups and newbie freelancers who do not have a solid portfolio.

Work Flexibility​

Work flexibility is considered to be one of the best advantages that you are supposed to get while working from us. We are certainly one of the top IT-based freelancers in India. Therefore, you have all the reasons and purposes for selecting us to work as a freelancer and earn money.


Get Paid through Us

Kalkey, as the best freelancing site in India, has a secure payment system that assists freelancers to be ensured of getting paid, unlike talking directly to clients that may or may not seem sure about the payment or new clients in general. When you associate with us, you get projects that suit you the best.

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